TaiZhou Jingchuan Electonics technology Co.,Ltd. is the 1st high-tech company which specialize in LED mobile vehicles, Recreational Vehicle, Trailer accessories and combine R&D, Production, sales and operation together. Since 2007,we had been developed to be the China most famous Brand specialize in LED mobile vehicles. We had got patents more than 30 items, and been reported by mainstream media many times.


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    4㎡solar mobile led trailer first arrange solar, LED outdoor full color screen and mobile advertising trailers to integrated into an organic whole, breaking the previous mobile trailer LED power supply need to find an external power supply or carry the limitation of generator, directly use solar energy independent power supply mode, high performance, uninterrupted power supply, more conducive to environmental protection, in line with the new energy and energy saving policy, safe and reliable, without maintenance.
  • 6㎡ Mobile Led Trailer

    JCT 6㎡ mobile LED trailer is 18 years JingChuan company launch trailer series is a new product, the mobile LED promotional trailer on the basis of E - F4 increasing the surface area LED screen display, the screen size is 3200 mm * 1920 mm, visual images shock feeling stronger, at the same time compared with E - making equivalent series products, it required area smaller, easier to park road in the crowded situation, flexible transformation parking place.