Welcome to visit JCT booth number HALL 7-GO7 at international smart display and integrated system exhibition 2024 in Shenzhen during Feb. 29-Mar.2. JCT MOBILE LED VEHICLES is a cultural technology company specializing in the production, sales, ...
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  • Game Changing LED Truck Body: Revolutionizing Outdoor Advertising and Promotion

    In today's fast-paced, ever-evolving world, businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to capture the attention of potential customers. One such innovative solution is the LED truck body, a powerful outdoor advertising communication tool that is revolutionizin...
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  • The Future of Advertising: New Energy Billboard Trailer

    In today's fast-paced world, advertising has become an important part of any successful business. With the rise of digital technology, companies are constantly looking for new and innovative ways...
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  • How To Play Mobile Trailer LED Screen in Motion

    Playing your LED screen while your trailer is in motion is a fantastic way to attract attention to your business. It enables you to reach your audience with advertising videos and promotional content and can raise aw...
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  • Is Mobile LED Trailers Completely Transforming the Advertising Industry?

    Mobile LED trailers are revolutionizing the advertising industry, providing a dynamic and eye-catching platform for businesses to market their products or services. These innovative trailers combine the mobility of a vehicle with large LED screens, making them an effective and versatile tool for ...
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  • EYZD22 Mobile double sides screen LED truck

    EYZD22 Mobile double sides screen LED truck

    YZD22 Mobile LED truck is the most adaptable screen truck with double sides LED screens. It carries on-board generator to power its screens and control systems.EYZD22 can run live TV, DVD, Slide shows, Youtube, Internet, Social Media and interface into SDI/HDMI for live ...
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  • EF16 Mobile LED trailer

    EF16 Mobile LED trailer

    A Large Mobile LED Trailer(EF16) mounted for large outdoor events! Suitable for Large Outdoor Events such as Outdoor Concerts, Festivals, Screenings, Sporting Events, LIVE Video or Games activations. Lower operation costs allow you to offer much better rates for your cus...
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  • E-XL3070 LED advertising vehicle

    E-XL3070 LED advertising vehicle

    The JCT E-XL3070 LED advertising vehicle has high mobility and is not limited by regions. It can travel to every corner of the town, with a profound impact, a wide range, and a large audience. Advertising mobile vehicles are not limited by time, location, or route. They can transmit advertising i...
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  • Advantages of LED car display

    Advantages of LED car display

    Hi, friends, today I will introduce you the advantages of LED car display: 1. Mobile media, with stronger dissemination, wider coverage and better effect. Compared with other LED displays, the LED car display is always in motion. Advertisement information can be broadcast at any time along with t...
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  • EF12 led screen mobile trailer

    EF12 led screen mobile trailer

    Are you still worried about how to promote your brand and products? Do you want to catch more people’s attention and let more people know more about your products? Do you want to hold a promotional event, but you are still worried about screens, audio and other facilitie...
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  • JCT  9.6m promotional display vehicle – a movable product display  hall

    JCT 9.6m promotional display vehicle – a movable product display hall

    Integrating functions such as stage performance, product display, interactive experience, and mobile flash, Meet all your roadshow tour needs! 1. Overall dimensions of the vehicle: 11995...
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  • JCT 12.5m dispaly car new launch!

    JCT 12.5m dispaly car new launch!

    JCT 12.5m show car new launch! This display car is also known as road show car, publicity car, caravan, which is customized according to customer’s needs. It is a mobile outdoor commodity exhibition hall, integrated product display, business negotiation, brand interactio...
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