• What is the prospect of the advertising vehicle rental market

    LED advertising vehicles have been widely used in recent years. They not only advertise and display in places where outdoor personnel are concentrated, but also attract many consumers to watch at any time. It has become one of the important members of outdoor advertising...
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  • Introduction of LED advertising stage car related information

    Advertising stage vehicle is a kind of potential advertising behavior. It is a multimedia form, which can give people a visual and auditory impact such as sound and picture. However, the use of advertising stage vehicles and advertising design need to pay attention to ma...
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  • Analysis of specific advantages of mobile LED vehicle

    Mobile LED vehicle is through the vehicle in the outdoor running, the spread of information to the outside world, this form of advertising is a simple and convenient form of outdoor advertising display, it is very widely used, so let’s understand the advantages of this mobile LED vehilce. T...
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  • LED mobile advertising vehicle PK traditional advertising

    In simple terms, LED mobile advertising vehicle is equipped with LED screen on the vehicle and can flow in public places and mobile outdoor advertising media. Mobile advertising vehicles can be based on the needs of customers, in the streets, lanes, business areas and other target places to carry...
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  • LED Advertising Vehicle —-As The Mainstream of Advertising in The Future

    With the rapid development of Internet information, there are more and more digital media. Digital media exists as information dissemination, and it has a certain vitality in the market. This is also the embodiment of the development potential of LED publicity vehicles in the future.  In recent y...
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  • LED Advertising Trailer Shows in Adelaide

    In Adelaide City, Australia, an outdoor food tasting activity is being held on a large green lawn. At the entrance of the activity site, a mobile LED advertising trailer is parked. The trailer is playing the activity promotion video, attracting customers to stop and have...
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  • A Big Market for Small Size LED Advertising Trailers Abroad

    A Big Market for Small Size LED Advertising Trailers Abroad

    Advertising is indispensable in the current society. The emergence of small size LED advertising Trailer breaks the previous pattern, cooperates with companies and groups to carry out various publicity activities, so that people can timely grasp the latest business information, and greatly improv...
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  • Development trend of mobile LED vehicle screen

    Development trend of mobile LED vehicle screen

    ———JCT In recent years, with the continuous innovation of technology, the decline of price and the huge potential market, the application of mobile LED vehicle screen will be more common, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our life. Fro...
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  • Introduction to the characteristics of LED vehicle mounted screen

    Introduction to the characteristics of LED vehicle mounted screen

    ——–JCT Led on-board screen is a device installed on the vehicle and made of special power supply, control vehicles and unit board to display text, pictures, animation and video through dot matrix lighting. It is an independent set of LED on-board display system with the rapid de...
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  • A Brief Analysis of the Reasons Why LED Mobile Advertising Vehicles Are Popular in the Market

    When it comes to LED mobile advertising vehicle, many people are not strange. It carries out publicity in the streets in the form of vehicle LED display screen. According to the using in recent years, it has a high market popularity and can be highly praised by users. Why it is popular and favore...
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  • A Market Analysis of LED Media Vehicles Rental Business

    LED media vehicle is known as the fourth generation of green energy. It is widely used in the field of advertising communication. LED media vehicles rental merchants said that the LED media vehicles cleverly combines the large screen with the vehicles. The three-dimensional video animation form h...
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  • Mobile Stage Vehicle – Wonderfully Accompany with You

    With the enrichment of people's spare time life, mobile stage vehicles have quietly sprung up. The mobile stage vehicle not only adds some interest to people's boring life, but als...
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